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The notes are steady. The people are struggling, they share their losses and their confusion with me. We talk of the darkness, we talk of the light and the gold that we believe must be mixed in that darkness, and I remind them that they matter and to be gentle with themselves. I remind them that telling their story makes a difference. And in return, they remind me of the strength of the human spirit, of the connections we all share, and that it is how we journey, that makes the difference in our lives.

So many times, I have found my own comfort from the other end of a keyboard. Someone out there in cyberspace lending me an ear, telling me they hear me and that I am not alone. Time after time I have sat at my computer in tears grateful that someone is reaching out to me and touching my heart through the unimagined connections of the internet.

Sharing what's inside of us, sharing our hopes and our fears and our struggles makes a difference. It lets us know we aren't alone. It reminds us of the power inside ourselves that we may have forgotten, and it helps us stand up and take another step forward on the journey. Doing all this through the weavings of the internet is both odd and wonderful at the same time.

Sometimes I just want to give something back to the places that have helped heal me. I want to offer back to the world in thanksgiving for all it's given me. And it is in that spirit that I offer this collection of bone sighs. My very first e-book! I offer it to all my cyber buddies, and to all the people I have not met yet. If you're struggling and looking for a little light among the dark, turn to your computer and find this little candle waiting for you. Someone out here in the cyber world is wishing you peace. And reminding you that you matter. Your strength is inside you. Just remember to believe.

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~ Honor Yourself ~

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