Inner Child Wallpaper

we're offering something kinda odd here! it popped into my head on a walk recently to offer this, so we are honoring that thought and putting it out here.

the short version is this: if you'd like a picture of yourself as a child combined with the following quote for wall paper for your computer, we can put that together for you. it will look as close to this as we can get it. the quote stays the same. we email the image to you and you can use that for your computer wallpaper.

email us at and send us the image. we'll get it to you shortly.

the higher the resolution the better it's going to look. also make the dimensions of the image at least 200 pixels wide, preferably 500 to 1000 pixels. if the image is too small it will look grainy when finished. if you have any questions regarding any of this e-mail yo at "thecaptain(at)".

now.....for the reason why i think it's worth it and what this is all about you can click here. it's not a short story, so only come if you have a moment and the interest.