Frequently Asked Questions

can i get a print in a different size that's listed on the site?

because we offer so many products and we keep them in stock, we need to adhere to the sizes listed on the site. the prints are designed for that particular size and stay that size. so if you see a 5x7 print, that's the size it comes in. if you see a larger print, that's the size it comes in. we don't switch sizes. this greatly helps with our sanity over here as well!

if i email you and don't hear back from you, are you ignoring me?

absolutely not! we are some of the world's fastest responders to email! if you ever email us and don't hear back, try us again. we didn't get your note! or if you've been corresponding with us and we're suddenly quiet.....we didn't get your last note! please don't think we forgot you or are ignoring you! your notes are what keep us goin'!

is there anything i can do to help bone sigh arts?

if you see a shop that you think would be a good bone sigh shop, feel free to send the shop owner to our website and tell them you'd like to see us in their store! encourage them to contact us! for some reason it seems to work better when they come to us and ask, rather than us emailing them. not sure why that is, but that seems to be the way it works best.

link us on your own sites! we're trying so hard to grow, any links would be totally appreciated! spread us thru your friends, thru face book, thru any means that works. and yes, we'd be okay with you yelling from rooftops about us!!!

write a testimonial on our testimonial page! let other people know how you liked us!

if you see any kinda glitches on the website, anything that's not connecting, anything that is so wrong it's embarrassing, drop us a note and let us know! we stumble into them on our own sometimes and just groan! we'd love to know about them if you know about them!

your emails are truly life savers for terri! there are those days where doubt creeps in and she questions everything. and then there will be an email that sends her encouragement, and she's reminded to keep on goin'! those are more appreciated than you can imagine!

are those gorgeous sons of terri's really that wonderful?

yep! terri's the luckiest mom in the world