after hearing from several of you that you'd be interested in donating money for a bone sigh print or a book or two to go somewhere it might be wanted, we got inspired!

we give a lot of bone sighs away. we already do that, because we believe in these things. but, we are limited. if you guys wanted to help, my gosh, we could give even more! the limits would fall away!

here's the deal. we aren't going to make a penny outta this. we are going to put every bit into the cost of what's given away.

you can donate or receive.

when you donate, we'll get the notification, and get the goodies ready to go, and send it to someone who's lookin' for a bone sigh fix. this would include women's shelters, social service kinda things, psychiatric wards, and even individuals.

we'll drop you an email and let you know what's goin' on. and we'll post your first name up on the site as a donor. we won't post amounts or anything tacky. just that you helped us spread some bone sighs around.

if you want to receive, be it for yourself and you just can't afford something right now, but feel it would really help you out, or if you work for a place that could use something, or if you have a suggestion for a place.... just drop us a note here and give us the scoop!

we'll be discrete about it and keep that between you and us.

we'll give what we can. if we're loaded with donations and a woman's shelter is looking for books, shoot...we could fill you up! if we just have enough to cover a book...well, it's a start. we'll do whatever we can.


we would like to post any comments that receivers want to share. that could be fun. so if you wanted to share, by all means, go for it.

this is a brand new concept, and we know we'll be learning as we go along. but we gotta start somewhere! how fun will this be? we can grow together! let's spread a little light into some of the not so light spots....let's let people know we care!

and for everyone who participates....donors AND receivers.... thank you for being out there....thank you for caring.

  • Ginny
  • Phil
  • Mary
  • Vicky
  • sheri
  • kristen
  • maxine
  • lisa
  • carol
  • elizabeth
  • camille
  • sherri
  • sue
  • jina
  • stacy
  • peggy
  • deb
  • sooz
  • maryann
  • terri
  • cindy
  • linda
  • carol
  • sue
  • ruth
  • books and art were donated to an eating disorder treatment and recovery ranch.
  • a box of bone sighs were sent to a shelter for homeless women.
  • a box of goodies went out to the mental health court in plattsburgh, new york! we were delighted to send them both prints and books!
  • books were donated to olivia's house in york, pennsylvania.
  • posters went out to help decorate the walls over at the lighthouse rescue mission out in tulare, california.
  • goodies were sent to the silent auction sponsored by the virginia sexual and domestic violence action alliance in richmond, virginia.
  • the starfish program was hosting an event for their local women's shelter and needed some books! we shipped them a box of books along with some i matter postcards!
  • a big ol' box stuffed to the brim with prints and books went out to the residents and staff of Friends of Guest House in alexandria, virginia. a box of both prints and books went out to a psychiatric ward in a hospital in baltimore!
  • a box of books shipped on out to a shop that was reaching out to its community in west virginia!
  • a woman's shelter in north carolina received a buncha books for their lounge!
  • christmas presents were donated to the residents of Friends of Guest House
and we've only just begun!