the fabric of her dancing shoes
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the fabric of her dancing shoes


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Wanting to learn how to dance not only through life, but with life,
and understanding that the dancing came from within, Terri began a search
inside herself. Wandering through questions about love,
self doubt, mattering, acceptance, change, and just plain living, she realized
she had a lot more questions than answers.

Somehow though, those questions were guiding her and growing her.
As thread after thread of thoughts, ideas and ponderings wove
together, she began to learn what things were holding her
down and what things were helping her dance. Grabbing the dancing
threads, she worked more and more on strengthening those strands. Soon she saw
that she was weaving her very own pair of dancing shoes.

Explore with Terri in her wanderings and become inspired to add
strands to your own shoes. There are many shoes to be woven and much dancing
to be done.

165 pages

Image Copyright © Bone Sigh Arts - All Rights Reserved.

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