stars inside her - journaling with bone sighs
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stars inside her - journaling with bone sighs


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Ever just need a jump start with your journaling? Something
to get your thoughts and your heart moving? Well, that's exactly
what this journal is intended to do!

Running a small art business that revolves around her original,
inspirational quotes - what she calls 'bone sighs' - Terri has
watched women respond to these words in amazing ways
. Recently when a customer mentioned that she was taking one
individual bone sigh at a time and using that as a starting point
for her journaling, Terri gasped with delight! What a great idea!

Choosing her most popular quotes, she placed them at the top
of every other page. In giving you room to add your own thoughts
and wander within your own heart and feelings, this truly
becomes the journey of women everywhere.

Believing that we all have stars inside us, even though
sometimes we just don't know it or forget it, and that journaling
is one way to find them again, the book is called 'stars inside
her.' Perhaps in our exploring, we'll find more stars inside us
than we ever could have imagined. And the light that we shine
from those stars will reach others...and on and on the light
will shine...on and on the light will spread. One sparkle at a time.

Image Copyright © Bone Sigh Arts - All Rights Reserved.

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