The Staff of Bone Sigh Arts

it's a business built on love! meet my family, also the bone sigh arts staff!


Terri St. Cloud i'm terri, the chief emotional officer. it was in searching and asking that i stumbled into bone sigh arts. i continue to write the quotes, and do the art that you see in the bone sighs. sometimes i mistakenly think it's my job to keep this all on track. and then i remember to release and just follow my heart. so, turns out my job is listening and offering what i hear.

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  • favorite food: lentils and rice and peas and potatoes all on one big plate with flax oil dribbled all over it!
  • favorite thing to do: laugh
  • favorite song: a diamond in the rough sung by lynn hollyfield


Noah noah, aka 'yo yo', my tallest son. geek, photographer, graphic designer, and such a gentle sweetheart. his thoughtfulness, kindness and gentleness take my breath away. when he was 15, we needed a website. without any prior knowledge, he taught himself how to build one! and to this day, he keeps building us better and better sites. he's our graphic designer and web master. he's also a photographer with tremendous talent. he offers a few of his own pieces of art here. they're called yo-yo's! and he's collaborated with me to create the prints in the 'awakening series'! what a tickle for me! he started his own company with his brother zakk. together, they make the team of mazuzu. you'll definitely want to check them out. | Redbubble

  • favorite food: coffee
  • favorite thing to do: wander with his camera
  • favorite song: “can you hear me?” by poets of the fall


Zakk zakk is the innovative thinker, mechanical engineer, geek and the non-verbal one of the group. with a confident presence, no one seems to have ever noticed that zakk is the youngest of the crew. constantly amazing us with his abilities and the way his brain works, he's become our behind the scenes genius. responsible for our daily quotes, e-cards, and the latest updates on our website. combining forces with noah to form their own company, they have branched out into their own passions. be sure to check out what they're up to!

  • favorite food: pretzels
  • favorite thing to do: learn new things
  • favorite song: “lost in the supermarket” by the clash


Josh josh is my oldest son. musician, entertainer, teacher, writer, and zany old soul. when he walks into a room, it just lights up with his enthusiasm and energy. he's moved out, got his own home, and is working on his own career. technically, he's not on our staff anymore, altho, he sits in on a lot of brain storming sessions and gives me so much encouragement, that he's definitely part of the team! check out all he's up to at his own website with his own career! | |

  • favorite food: garlic and broccoli pizza
  • favorite thing to do: entertain any crowd
  • favorite song: “movin' out (anthony's song)” by billy joel

Thank You

there have been so many people that have come thru and added to bone sighs in so many different ways. there's been the encouragement, support, ideas, love, reminders, nudges...just so many things that make a difference. some of you come in for a moment and touch us, some stick around for awhile and then move on, and then some seem to become life long friends. each touching, each offering that you have given us has helped us grow and thrive.

too many of you to name, too easy to leave someone out that shouldn't be left out - so we want to offer a group hug, a group thank you for caring, and for helping us along the way.

you matter.