Thanking you, Honoring you

there's something i have wanted to tell customers ever since i started, and only once in a blue moon do i ever say it to anyone. because i don't know how. i was just filling an order thinking of it and i decided it was time to put this out there.

it's one of those things that in reality is beautiful, but in words can seem manipulative..... and so i stay quiet.

and that's wrong. because then something inside my heart never comes out.

i want to thank you so sincerely for purchasing bone sighs. i've been afraid to say that as i don't want to look like i'm begging you to buy them. or guilting you into buying them.... or manipulating you into buying them.....

but the fact is.... when you buy a bone sigh, you are giving me life. you are helping me stay at home with my sons. you are teaching me that i'm valuable. you are teaching me to trust. you are providing for the clay for me to form a beautiful life. when you drop me a note and tell me where the bone sigh went and why.... i am reminded of the connectedness of us all. and that i actually do matter, you matter. we all matter.

and how can i ever thank you for that?

i feel like i have come alive thru bone sigh arts.... i feel like i am finding my wholeness every day... and your supporting us with your purchases has made this possible.

it matters to me where i spend my money. and when i know my money is going somewhere good, i feel so right about that. so often i want to tell you guys “my gosh...what you are doing is so important!” but i stay quiet. and i just don't feel right about's time i told you.

i thought of putting this on our home page, but still feel that it would be taken wrong. so we're tucking it in the site where you have to push a button and come read this. i'm glad you did. and i hope you feel the gratitude.

you guys rock. i am very grateful for your presence in my life. not just your purchases, but your support with your notes and your connecting with me and your sharing of your stories.

i honor you.
—Terri St. Cloud