xmas lites

we went out looking at xmas lites last nite.
just around the neighborhoods.
the places with big houses,
the places with small houses.
all around.

it was fun to look at the personalities
that come out in the decorating.

some of it really made me wonder.
did they plan that out or was that just
what the had in the box and they threw
it together? i really wondered about that
with one house.

then there’s the blinking lights that will
make you dizzy and go insane –
and the calm and peaceful lights that could
maybe use just a little zing.

i love it all.

i wondered why more people didn’t join in
and why some spots were so full of lights
and others just so dark with no one

i wondered what it would be like if everyone
what would it be like to drive down the
street with house after house lit up?

maybe it’d be too much.
maybe it’d be an overload.

but what a wonderful overload it would be.

an overload of enthusiasm.
an overload of beauty and tacky all mixed together.
an overload of joy and peace and fun.

i was grateful for the lights we saw.
and i realized something –

i always put my outside lights up for me.
i do it because i love them.
i love seeing them from inside my house,
and i love pulling into my driveway and
seeing them.

but truly, next year i’m putting them up
with other people in mind. for the ones
driving around looking for light in the dark.
for the ones looking for that wonderful
sense of joy and peace that xmas lites give
off in the nite. for everyone in the car
who’s looking to go ‘look over there at that
one!’ and who soaks in the glory for a moment
as they drive by.

i want to give them a moment of glorious light.
i really really want to do that.