words and division

there’s a thought for me –
be aware of my words.
be fully aware.

it’s a thought that feels most challenging.

i am shaken over the division
that is happening in this country.

i see so much deliberateness in the creating of that division.
it is truly terrifying to me.

i am discouraged.
and i am afraid.
not a good combination to ‘walk with god.’

i realized today that i must put the fear down.
that the fear is a big contributor in making things worse.

and somehow, i have.
put most of it down, anyway.
i imagine it will leap back up and we’ll do a cycle
over and over and over again – me and fear.

but today, for now,
i feel stronger than i have in awhile.

where do i start?
how do i participate in a world
that feels more and more scary to me?

i will start with my words.
because i can.
because i don’t really know where else to start.

and i will do my best to be aware of what i choose
to add to this very noisy world.