white in the dark

our quote of the day yesterday
is one of my favorite quotes.
it’s hanging in my bathroom.
and now that i think about it,
i’m wondering if i should make it a print.

it’s a greeting card.
i guess that works.
i guess it does.
cause the inside verse of the card is something
i wish for everyone.

i wanted to spread it around a bit.
so i thought i would post it here.

it’s called ‘white in the dark.’
i’ll put the quote here.
and at the end,
after the little dots,
is the inside verse of the card.
wishing this for us all…

white in the dark

“a white tree
sparkled in the darkness,
having grown into its own beauty,
reaching for the stars,
yet somehow already filled with them,
its branches echoed
with the song of the holy.”
may we hear and feel the sacred that runs thru each one of us.