what about this?!

brand new thought.

this morning i heard about a cool thing
someone did as part of their routine with work.
they work from home and it would fit for me as well.
i really liked it
and want to try to do it too!

which got me thinking –
what if i try to discover three cool ideas from others
every week?! i was thinking trying for every day,
but figure that might be too hard to really do.
three may even be tough.
so okay, two or three.
i want to make it doable.

but think about it –
it seems to me if you keep this in mind,
you’ll stay more alert, more open, and the possibilities are endless!
can you imagine doin’ this for the rest of your life?!

i think it is so worth trying.
it could be things to actually do,
to just ideas to ponder.

i’m thinking that i want to write them down.
that’ll help keep me focused and help me remember
all this new stuff i’m taking in!


thought this was a good new years thing to share –
so here ya go!
should we try?!
i’m in!