watch. hope. delight.

i pulled my intention cards this morning.

i was only gonna pull one.
and then pull a hope card, right?
i love the combination of the two.

but when i went to pull the first one,
THREE got stuck together.

so, okay,
maybe i need those three.
let me see.

and my gosh –
did i ever!



i had been thinking before that –
something like –
‘wherever you are, there you are.’
ya know?
that whole thing.
about you take you with you wherever you go.

so who do you want to be?
and specifically for me right now,
who do i want to be as i travel this whole
life transition that is happening.

i have been trying too hard to control it.
cause, well, i like control.
and i want to make sure this works ‘right.’

so toss in a couple of snow storms right when
we PLAN to travel to remind me –
i can’t control life.

so i realized that last nite –
like, really realized.
now, i can try to control while i tell myself
i’m not trying to control.
i can be tricky with myself.
so i told myself i need to just let it be.

and then this morning i reminded myself
that i want to be someone who can go with
the flow here and get the good stuff outta
the transition.

and then –
yeah –
those three words.


could they be any more perfect together?!

anyone else need that combination today?
wanted to offer it to you as well.
cause here we are –
traveling with ourselves no matter where we go.
let’s be people we enjoy traveling with!

and then – okay – for the finale?
i pulled the hope card.
and i got –
‘her eyes opened to her own beauty
and the ground shook.’

let’s live our beauty –
all the time –
especially through the transitions!