trusting our timing

i’ve been watching for a few months now.
my timing.

i am really becoming a believer that
there is some inner knowing about timing.

when i don’t feel like doing something,
i’ve been watching –
and sure enough, there comes a moment
when i’m totally good with doing it.

when i don’t think i’ll get to a place inside me
that i would like to get to,
if i just leave it be and trust,
sure enough, i get there.

i don’t know how well this works in lots of different
situations as i’ve only been watching for a few months.
but i do remember as a homeschooling mom,
the thought process was to trust your child’s timing.
that when they were ready, they’d learn what it was
they needed to know. and i did see it work over and over.

so i shouldn’t be too surprised here.
i guess it’s one thing to watch it in your kids,
another to know it in yourself?
or maybe i’m just a slow learner.

but i tell ya,
now it’s gotten fun to watch for.
and a delight to see that if i just trust and allow,
it really does work out.

go figure.
we can trust ourselves.
rolling my eyes at how thick headed i can be.
and clapping my hands at the things my thick headed self bumps into!