took me long enough…

how come i never thought of this before?
i mean, i created birthday MONTH!
have all my guys convinced that we just keep
celebrating, and am referred to as the queen
of birthdays.

i paint up signs for everyone’s birthday for every
year as long as i can remember! we’re talkin’ way
back to my days as a kid.

so how come i never ever painted up a sign for myself??
and decorated for myself??

i do that for all my family.
and i guess somewhere in my head i figured
that someone ELSE needs to do it for you.

that’s important right there to stop and think about.

and how many things do we think of just like that?
that someone else needs to do it for us?

why don’t we do these things for ourselves?

i’m really really serious here.
what IS that about?
and i’m thinking we need to pay attention to that!

i got a gift box in from a friend yesterday with such celebratory packing,
that i decorated my living room table with it all.
and as i did so, i thought ‘hey! i should decorate!’

and the more i think about it, the more convinced i am.

i’m celebrating being here.
i’m celebrating this incredible gift of living.
i’m celebrating my life!

i should decorate!

and you  know what?
i’m thinking every single one of us should be doing this
for our special days. we shouldn’t be waiting for anyone else
on this. this is too important. and what a great message
to send yourself – that you know it matters, and you got it covered.

it’s no small gift we got here.
let’s honor it!

before i go to bed tonite, i will have done just that!