thinking about the voices…

i got to thinking about the voices
in my head this morning.

i have lots.
i was specifically thinking of the negative ones,
or the self doubt ones.

and i got to thinking about how false they are.

which led me to thinking about my ‘inner compass.’
i hope everyone knows what i mean by that.
and i really hope that everyone has one.
cause it’s an awesome thing to have.

it’s just that ‘knowing’ deep inside, right?
that’s what i mean by ‘inner compass.’

so i started writing about that this morning.
just in my general scribblings to myself.
how that was where the truth was – the inner compass.
how it wasn’t in the voices.

but then i got to thinking about some of the other voices
in my head. not the negative ones or the doubt filled ones.
but the voices of my imaginary friends.
and the wisdom that i get thru those voices.
sometimes i’m amazed at how incredibly wise they are.

and i stopped my writing.
i didn’t want to dis the voices, ya know?
that didn’t seem right.
like it was a complete insult to the wise ones.
or even just the really good ones to clump them all together like that.

and so i stopped.
and i’ll go back to writing more later.
but with that thought in mind.

so, why on earth am i blogging about this?

because i am learning that every act that we do,
no matter how small, is either an honoring
or a dishonoring
of who we are.

and i caught this one.
and it feels to me like i easily could have missed it.
and i need/want the reminder to pay attention.
to everything i do.

and nah, i know i won’t.
but the better i get at it, the healthier i’ll be.

for me, that matters a lot.
so thought i’d share.