there it was

while i know there is something outside
that calls me and feels sacred,
i don’t always step into it.
i try to tune into it on my walks,
but sometimes i’m just too distracted
or tired or whatever.
i’ll still go out, cause there’s a part of me
that really understands the importance of
being out there –
but tuning in takes more than just part of me.

this morning i was distracted.
by what, i don’t know.
just lots of unimportant wandering thoughts.
when i got home, i decided i wanted to still be out a bit,
so i took a drink and some books and paper and stuff,
and went and sat in my yard.

i read a bit, wrote a bit, and thought a bit.
and then i looked down.
and i noticed it.
the energy in the green –
in the plant leaves and the grass.
it was so strong i wondered how i missed it at first.
i wondered how i didn’t feel it buzzing all over me.
i looked up and watched it in the leaves blowing in the breeze.

the energy that is so incredibly powerful
and so quiet.
right there with us all the time.

i slipped my flip flops off and put my feet in the grass.
and sat there and just felt the energy of the earth all around me.

how is it i don’t just buzz inside me the second i go outside?
well, maybe i do.
but i don’t notice.

i shook my head in wonder at how dense i can be sometimes.
and smiled that once in awhile, i really do see.
and when i do –
i just fall into something gorgeous.


fully seeing