the energy of another…

i’ve been stuck on some inner work.
really really stuck.
got some help yesterday from someone i really trust.
and i could feel a boulder begin to shift.

still more work than i want ahead,
still not sure i can move the boulder like i want to.
still not sure of much.

but i did notice –
something i couldn’t do alone.
i could do with someone next to me.

you’d think i’d know this one.
it’s not just with a girlfriend or a partner.
i’ve done counseling before and had the
same experience.

you’d think i’d know this by now.
but i kinda feel like i woke up to this idea –

sometimes you just gotta have some help.

sometimes it’s someone holding energy
right next to you, or just kinda being a pipe
to some outside energy for you…

there’s magic there.
and should never be forgotten.

something those of us who can get a little
too independent forget…….