the yin and yang of it all

what a darn balance this world is.

it struck me again yesterday
while having tea with a friend.

she brought up the concept of ‘powerlessness’
and how beautiful that is.
and i agreed.
and then i brought up the concept of stepping into
our power and creating what we can in life
and how awesome that is.
and she agreed.

cause they are both so cool.
and they are both so opposite.
and they are both so true.

i’ve been thinking about it ever since.
and the whole ‘balance’ concept comes up
yet again for me.

to balance the letting go and knowing we really
control nothing –
and the diving in and understanding that we can
create so much for ourselves.

well that’s the trick, isn’t it?

and then toss this in –
something i read yesterday that reminded me that
so much of the time our struggles are because life
doesn’t look like what we thought it would.
and how we need to roll with what is and stop struggling
against it.

it’s this same stuff in different words, isn’t it?
and maybe if we just accept and instead of struggle,
we dive in and do what we can…..
well, that’d be cool, wouldn’t it?

thing is, i was trying to do that recently,
and it kinda blew up in my face.
so i think there’s more for some of us slow learners –
another part –

dive in and do what you can –
and then –
i think this is really important –

i missed that last part recently.