the tea gathering

i have been meaning to write about
the bone sigh tea gathering we had!

it was truly beautiful.
there were only seven of us.
which i think was perfect.

i knew i would be sitting around the table
with women who knew a thing or two.
so i came prepared with some questions
that i wanted help thinking about.

and, of course, invited them to toss any
of their own questions in.

it was pretty darn amazing how open
and real everyone was from the very start.
and the support!
my gosh!
it seemed like everyone was right there with everyone else
just rootin’ each other on,
and sitting without judgement.

which reminds me of one of my favorite tidbits of gold
that i got from it.
someone mentioned that she had been struggling
with being judgmental and wanted to change that.
she was told that you can’t be curious and judgmental
at the same time!

ha! who knew?
so she said ‘be curious.’

i absolutely love that.
and i think that we can all take that out into all of our worlds.
so i definitely wanted to pass that along here.

toasting gatherings of love!
we need many more of them!