the fist

the fist

this is the bone sigh arts quote of the day today.

it’s from one of our prints –
one of my favorites.

a few days ago i had what coulda been –
what woulda been in the past –
a fist moment.

i could feel all those rotten voices rising inside.
and while i wasn’t sure i had the strength
to make them disappear,
i focused really hard on speaking positive truth
over and over so loud and fast, that they didn’t
have a chance to get much ground.

and then, because i’m incredibly blessed,
my partner hopped in and helped me turn it all around.

it was really really helpful to have a partner in that situation.

if you don’t have someone, and you’re having fist moments –
don’t despair!
i have done it many times on my own,
and you can too!
it’s just nice to lean when you can.
but you don’t have to!

i think it really really matters to pay attention
and not let these moments win.

and i know, it takes tremendous effort sometimes.
but you got the muscle in you.
just keep at it.
we get stronger and stronger as we go along.

i have no idea if they ever totally go away.
but i do know i have very few these days.
but when i do, ooooh….i really do.
grinnin’ at ya.

we got this!