the enneagram

someone posted the best vid over on facebook.
it’s all about the personality types of the enneagram.
if you know them, you’ll find this hilarious.
i’ll post it at the end here.

well, i have watched this thing like 15 times!
i laugh and clap and love it every single time.
i’m a four. the one they start out with.
ohmygosh, it’s so me!
i’m married to an eight, the one towards the end –
the stuff about spitting in my eye and you’re all
gonna die –
i laughed and laughed and laughed.
it is so him!

and it reminded me of how different my husband and i are.
and how different we all are from each other.

you would think that would be in the forefront of my mind.
but i forget, ya know?
and i think the world thinks like i do.
or at least SHOULD.

i found the book, ‘personality types’ a million years ago
i went to the library one day in sheer frustration.
i figured there HAD to be a book out there somewhere that
would explain my man to me. i definitely needed help understanding
him and i figured something somewhere would have to help.

i laugh just thinking about that now.

i pulled this book off the shelf and opened up to a section that
was completely describing ME! i couldn’t get over it. the description
was uncanny. i closed it up and immediately brought it home.
it covered all different personality types, and i knew i had hit gold.

and i did.

now, my guy is an engineer. schematics and manuals make total
sense to him. when he saw this book, and read the description of me
he studied it as if it was a manual on the workings of terri.
my sons found this really funny.
i can still picture him leaning against the kitchen counter, lost in
the explanation of the emotional creative type.

i thought it was pretty funny too as i was trying to get a handle on HIM
not me!
but as it turns out, we all started getting a handle on our own selves.
which is exactly as it should have been.

and we learned a lot.
if you don’t know anything about this, i really recommend the book
mentioned above (i linked it).
and if you get into it, i’ve got a few other books on it that you might like.
i can recommend them to you.
there’s a test book you can buy to figure out your number.
i think my personality is one who doesn’t care about that.
you can figure it out without the test.
there’s a description of each number on page 34 with two positive traits and two negative traits. i think you can figure that out pretty easily just by looking there. we all did just fine with that. though we did take the test later for fun.

one way or another, this vid was great timing for me.
it made me appreciate all our differences
and love us so much for our crazy quirks.
we’re a good crew, ya know?
we just gotta understand each other a little more and remember that our differences are really awesome!
you can find the vid here!