that’ll teach me…

so my family and i are big
jordan peterson fans, right?

love his lectures and his book.

so for christmas, i was getting a shirt
with one of jordan’s quotes on it for my son.
because i’m me,
and confusion reigns inside me,
i ended up with two instead of one,
and decided to keep the extra for myself!
(that worked out!)

it’s got a quote i love on it –
‘seek responsibility, not happiness.’

in case you can’t tell from that –
he’s all about personal responsibility.


you know how they say ‘be careful what you ask for?’
oh my goodness.
maybe they should add ‘be careful what quotes you like.’

that’s one heck of a quote.
and as we enter our new year,
something tells me it’s gonna be filled to the brim
with working on my own responsibility.
i’m thinking 2020 is gonna look like a cake walk.
and that i will be workin’ hard on being the best me that i can be.
which, i gotta tell ya, i never find all that easy.

so i’m grinnin’.
and not.
and bound and determined to work on this.