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July 1, 2019

catching up…

i was a bit behind in the daily readings
of mark nepo’s ‘the book of awakening.’

so i grabbed some quiet time and
caught up on a few days i had missed.

i’m so glad i did.
he had this wonderful thought that i loved.

you know that michelangelo quote about
carving so that whatever was in the stone
could be set free?

he may have more than one.
i just went and googled this one –

‘I saw the angel in the marble and carved
until I set him free.’

i just love that.

well, mark mentions how he (michelangelo) would
say his job was to carve away the excess, freeing the
thing of beauty just waiting to be released.

and mark mentions that perhaps that’s the job of
each one of us to do with our own selves.

kinda awesome nice, isn’t it?!

thought i’d share that thought.
i just wrote it in one of my journals.
i’d like to come back to that on a day
when i’ve forgotten.

let’s help each other remember!

November 26, 2018

have i got a line for you!

and nope!
it’s not mine.
but i bet you can guess who said it!
well, how’d you know?!
mister mark nepo!

today’s entry –
the book of awakening –
first sentence –


he coulda stopped there.
i just sat with it.
you ready??

“The goal of all experience is to remove whatever might keep us
from being whole.”

just sitting with that one today.
there’s an entire universe tucked into that one sentence.

March 20, 2018

we got some work to do…

so i grabbed one of mark nepo’s
books off my shelf.
this one is ‘Seven Thousand Ways to Listen’
(you can find that here, if you like –
i totally love this book! highly recommend it!)
and i opened directly to this…

…well, gosh, instead of typing it all out,
i’ll just type out the parts i underlined.
this section is called ‘Three Covenants’
and the quote under that is so perfect –
it’s from Henk Brandt –
“Our love needs to be bigger than our insanity.’

and then mark goes into explaining that there are three covenants
which ‘keep us engaged in the work of love.’

“It is the work of love to create conditions by which what
is true and beautiful in all we behold can grow and blossom.”

“…the work of love depends on giving others a sense of
safety in the world…”

“So the third covenant of love is to keep each other company
when we’re drowning in our experience and awash in our feelings,
until it can all right-size, until our experience and feelings
can once again sustain us.”

so, i opened to all that.
the first thing i felt was that our insanity was bigger
than our love right now.
and i sighed.
and then i read these covenants and sighed again.
i’m not seeing as much of this as i want/need/wish for.

i can’t change anyone else.
i can’t holler and say ‘hey! you! you’re making me crazy!
you’re not offering this!’
that’d go over like a lead balloon.

i know that.
and i know that i’m the only one i can change.
and i know that my reacting to the world right now
stops me from doing these things as much as i want.

i get crazy, shut down, get frustrated, and close doors.

so. i guess there’s enough work right there for me to
concentrate on right inside myself.
and i offer this for anyone else who is also doing some
self reflecting in response to frustration in an insane world.

one by one, if we could each just work on our own selves
and be the change we want to see in the world, well,
it certainly couldn’t hurt, could it?

January 9, 2018

a little boost…

a little bit of this
and a little bit of that
whirled around inside me
and i knew it was time!

time to grab a mark nepo book off the shelf –
i pulled this one down because josh just mentioned it.

opening randomly, i got this and wanted to share –


Fighting the Instrument

‘All this led me to view God as the sculptor and experience as His chisel. And try as we might to shape the things around us, it is we who are being sculpted. Since my eyes have been chipped open, I see things differently. Often the instruments of change are not kind or just, and the hardest openness of all might be to embrace the change while not wasting our heart fighting the instrument. The storm is not as important as the path it opens, the mistreatment in one life never as crucial as the clearing it makes in our heart. This is very difficult to accept. The hammer or cruel one is always short lived compared to the jewel in the center of the stone.’

-from Facing the Lion, Being the Lion by Mark Nepo


yeah. wow.
had to share.

September 5, 2017

it’s about time for some more mark!

it’s a really busy morning,
so what do i do?
i make the mistake of grabbing
a couple of mark nepo books for
‘just a quick look.’


i swear, that man and his writing
soothe me like no other writing i know.

i thought i was doing good by just
grabbing two of his books.

didn’t stop to think that they were my
favorite two and i haven’t read either
in awhile.

looks like these aren’t going back on
the shelf any time soon.

so, okay, it’s been awhile since i
posted anything from him – so i had to share!

this is from the book ‘facing the lion, being the lion.’

‘…a life well lived can be understood as one
that risks not being trapped or governed by its fears,
one that follows the pulse of what matters as it presents
itself. This is not to say that we will ever be free of
fear, but that, in spite of our fear, we can be drawn
by what matters down the unplanned path of time, where
we are often called to choose what is actually there over
what we thought we’d find. In day-to-day terms, to let
time unfold tests our courage. It asks us repeatedly to
stand by our core and unlock our fear and let the story
we are in continue, so that we might live closer to the
elemental moment that is constantly forming everything.’

thought that was a nice nugget to share….

July 17, 2017

finding my ground…

taking today to be quiet
and just get grounded.

and no one speaks to my heart
and helps me find my ground
like mark nepo does.

this is a little bit from his book,
‘seven thousand ways to listen’ –

wanted to share….

“In my pain, I looked at my fellow patients surviving under their
invisible weights and at the soft and chiseled nurses tied to
removing those weights. In my pain, I realized that, indeed,
everyone is right – and everyone is hoping that the turned-over
card that God is holding on their behalf is an ace. But when
we are opened by suffering, a mix of humility and desperation
makes whatever card we hold glow so brightly that the faces of
Kings and Queens become our faces – and miraculously every face
holds everything. And whether we live or die, it becomes blessedly
clear that every one of us is a gift and every card an ace.’

i can’t read that without crying.
wanted to share…