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I think it was a few years back when the news was filled with the stories of the child molestings in the Catholic Church. I'm not sure if it's because I grew up Catholic, or because I had been molested myself (not related to the church) that the stories just grabbed my heart.

And then when I saw the turning of heads, and the pretending and the hiding, I grew sickened. I thought of my own experience. What would be worse - the actual violation, or not having anyone believe me or listen to me, having people look the other way?

Somewhere in there, I felt this urge to start reaching out to men. I pondered, and sat with it and asked different men I met what they thought. And finally, finally, I decided to dip my toes into bone sighs for men.

One of the big pushes for me is the silence that seems so much more prevalent for men than for women. Women are much more likely to talk with each other, to find someone to share with. While, obviously, that's not always true, my guess is it's much more true for women than men. The thought of enduring that pain in silence - of having no one to express your feelings with, was my final push to move forward.

One of the big hesitations for me is that I'm not male. I think one of the reasons bone sighs do as well as they do is because they are authentic - you can feel their realness. I didn't want a man to come along and be insulted or feel that I was stepping into territory where I had no right to be. And so I wanted to write this explanation to make it clear that my intentions are honorable, and that while I know men and women are different, I honestly believe our emotions are the same. It is those emotions expressed here that I hope will tie us together and help us all along on our journeys. Let's break the silences, let's start talking about the pain, so that we can also talk about the healing. And together, side by side, let's offer our light to the world. We are each other's candles.

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what i believe

“i believe every moment is a chance to honor yourself. and that every single time you choose to honor yourself, your inner light - your inner flame - grows brighter and stronger. and yes, i believe we all have an inner light that is there even thru our darkest times and even when we can't see it or feel it. it's in there. and strengthening it and growing it adds to the light of the world. i believe this matters, i believe you matter.” —terri st. cloud
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