soundtracks of life…

my son, noah, has me inspired.
and has me thinking.

he’s been doing these short videos
of the sunsets or nature and the sky and light –
and he’s been putting them to music.

they WOW me every darn time.

this last one i saw just made such an impact.

the music he put to the sunset is so powerful.

i love that.
i’m pretty sure i never woulda picked that feeling.
i always kinda go the peaceful route.
but seriously? there is SUCH POWER in it all.
and he catches it and rips your heart open with it.
and reminds you in the most incredible way that you
are alive and you’re here and there is glory and
mystery happening all around you!

how cool is that?!

it got me thinking last nite –
if we could put music to the moments in our lives,
all the different kindsa music it would include.
i love this and am now trying to hear some of it in my head!

had to share this with you.
from my deeply talented son, noah urban.
you can follow him on instagram here.
or you can just go find the vid here.