sort of a prayer…

the very last paragraph
of the book,
‘death, the final stage of growth,’
by elisabeth kubler ross
felt like a prayer to me.

i wanted to type it out here for all of us.
it seemed like a good monday thing –
like a great way to start the week-

‘In order to be at peace, it is necessary to feel
a sense of history – that you are both part of
what has come before and part of what is yet
to come. Being thus surrounded, you are not alone;
and the sense of urgency that pervades the present
is put in perspective: Do not frivolously use the time
that is yours to spend. Cherish it, that each day may
bring new growth, insight, and awareness. Use this
growth not selfishly, but rather in service of what may be,
in the future tide of time. Never allow a day to pass that
did not add to what was understood before. Let each day
be a stone in the path of growth. Do not rest until what was
intended has been done. But remember – go as slowly as is
necessary in order to sustain a steady pace; do not expend
energy in waste. Finally, do not allow the illusory urgencies
of the immediate to distract you from your vision of the eternal…’