something beautiful

oh you know…
what do you offer the day after
a holiday of gratitude?

a day after a holiday that could have
been wonderful
totally awful.

i know it’s been a hard year.
i know there’s lotsa hard stuff.

and of all things –
is THIS what i want to offer?
a love song?

what if you don’t have the one you love?
what if you’re all alone?
how does this help?

i think, i want to offer it because it’s beautiful.
it’s just simply beautiful.
i love that these men came together,
worked together,
and created this together.

even if we don’t have this right now –
or if we never had it –
if we close our eyes and listen,
we have it in this moment.
there is something about it
that just makes it alive inside us.

and that, i thought, was something to offer today.

i don’t know how to embed it,
so, just click here,
pop it on,
close your eyes
and let it live inside of you.