some sorta shift

i honestly don’t know
what did it –
or actually, maybe it was a lotta things
mixing together.
or no.
maybe not.
maybe it was just time.
and maybe i was ready to feel it/hear it/act on it.

but some sorta shift happened with me this weekend.
and it feels really darn good.

the highlights appear to be leaking out here in the blogs.
one of ’em is definitely the difference between choosing
and sacrificing. (see a few blogs back)
i love that.

then yesterday’s blog – noticing signs and listening.

and then today’s quote of the day seemed to back it all up even
more by reminding me that my job is to listen to my inner wisdom
and the magic that swirls in the air.

someone(s) else i want to listen to?
those around me.

i consider myself pretty thoughtful and giving and loving –
but you know what?
sometimes i just get caught up in me and what i’m feeling.
totally human.
not beating myself up.
just thinking i want to do less of that and more listening to those i love.
AND more listening to the beat of the mystical.

one of my sons speaks often of ‘leveling up.’
how it’s something to keep doing your whole life.
this feels like a leveling up shift.
like somehow i got out of myself enough to see that i want both out and in!

i want out of myself so that i’m not consumed with my feelings and distracted with my own stuff causing me to miss all that is going on
around me AND i want in myself in a way that i can hear the messages,
wisdom, and magic that flows through with such grace and ease
that i miss it if i’m not open and in!

ahhhh think of how it feels when the season changes.
how there’s so much to take in.
the colors are changing, the angle of light is different, the sounds even change – well that’s kinda what it feels like inside me right now –
like the seasons inside me are changing.

and i’m liking this.
grabbin’ my hoodie and getting cozy inside myself!