sharing tiffany jenkins…

a lot of you may already know about tiffany.
but if you didn’t,
i wanted to make sure you did.

i saw her awhile back on facebook,
i watched some vid she posted.
it was funny.
made me laugh.
and i could see there was soooo much to her.

after watching another something by her,
i finally ‘followed’ her over there.
she’s amazing.
very talented, so real, and what a message.

she shared this vid recently,
and i thought it was a good one to spread around.
this one is serious.
a quick run down of her story.

if you like her,
you definitely want to check out all she has to offer.
some of it will make you belly laugh,
some of it will make you cry.
all of it will make you think and feel,
and touch your heart in some way.

it’s a woman offering her total real,
completely immersing herself in her vulnerability.

when i think of that and our quote of the day today,
which i’ll post at the end here,
i have to smile.

it’s no little thing.
and it so matters.

i want to write her and tell her how much i love her.
thing is, she has something like 10 gazillion followers.
i figure instead of one more note,
i’ll just spread her around and help others find her and
fall in love with her as well.

so grateful for her courage.
so grateful for her heart.
thanks, tiffany.

‘the sea’