sharing matt…

i’ve shared matt here before.
i love this guy so much.
if you don’t know him,
truly go over to the link and browse around.

i always feel like i have to say this just because
i know i would like to know this if someone was sharing
someone with me –

he’s christian.
i am not.
and i’m one of his biggest fans.

to me, that’s quite a feat.
he doesn’t talk a different language to me.
what i get from him, always, is love.

he shared this piece from a few years ago on facebook.
i stopped, read it and just felt like it was something
i truly needed. so thought i’d share for anyone else
who maybe needs it as well.

this piece is called ‘sans halo’ and you can find that here.

from there, just keep goin!

thank you, matt, for all you offer the world!