remembering leroy

this morning it was really hard to get up
when the alarm went off. i grumbled and said
there was no reason to ever get up that early.

ten minutes later, i was standing in my front yard,
in the dark, looking up at the stars.
it was so beautiful, you couldn’t be filled with
anything but gratitude.
i totally forgot about the earlier grumbling.
and as i gazed up at that sky,
and those stars,
i wondered if leroy was among them.
he had to be.

my nite sky man.

how do i even describe this guy?
i never met him.
never heard his voice.
but have shared many an email with him.

he wrote one day years ago,
and we hit it off and became friends.
he took the most awesome photos of the nite sky
up in alaska. and he’d travel around with his
camera and just take your breath away over and
over again with his shots of the world.

he did ‘photo symphonies’ for parks and he even
got one of his photos on a stamp!

a talented man for sure.
a loving and supportive and creative soul.
someone who i will always think of when i see
the sky.

yesterday, i got an email from his son.
leroy had passed away.

we hadn’t talked much in the last few years.
and yet, he’s such a part of my history here.
he’s a household name where we all know him.
he’s been with me a long long time.
and i’m sad that he’s gone.
sad that we all come thru so quickly.
and wish i knew where we all go.

for leroy, tho, i have a place to look for him.
the nite sky.
i know somehow he’s part of that now.
and that makes me smile.

i wanted to share his work with you.
you can find him here, at his website.

leroy, you will be missed.
but you are everywhere there is sky.