ready or not!

wait a minute, terri.
wait just one minute!
it’s not even thanksgiving yet!

ahhhh yes.
i know.
i know.
i know.

not rushing you.
just letting you know i’m gettin’ all set.

etsy just launched a holiday sale,
so we hopped on it and have our stuff
on sale over in the etsy shop.
come on by and check it out!

and then! if you haven’t seen our holiday home page –
ohmygosh, you gotta come look!

it just makes me happy!

and then – no! i haven’t skipped thanksgiving!
wanted to remind you that we’ve got thanksgiving e-cards.
they’re free and you can send as many as you like.
you can find those here.

i spent the weekend diving into decorating
and putting up lights and just trying to concentrate
on festive things. it did me a world of good!
my spirits just lifted.
and so it’s kinda fun to now be doing that with bone sighs!

i know it’s early.
but it’s also time.
we need some joy!