practice field…

in my yard

something happened last week
that scooped me up and plopped me
right down in the middle of magic.

i’m a big believer in magic.
or so i say.
but then i’m also a big forgetter of magic.

there was A Time where i really dwelled in it.
but little by little i let it go.
and now
there are times i dabble with seeing it.
just noticing it.

not what i want.
i want to DWELL in it.
but apparently i can’t just SAY that.
i have to believe it and live it.

i had a moment where i saw it.
and i clapped and remembered.
and then i happened to go out in my yard.
and i realized –
of all places in the world right now,
my yard is THE place where i open.
where i actually can listen.
doesn’t mean i DO listen –
but i know i CAN if i keep my mind open to it.
if i keep my heart aware.

so i decided –
my yard is gonna be my practice field.
just as if i was a young kid wanting to be a
football player – always heading into the back yard
to toss the ball, to kick, to practice.
not missing a day.
always looking for chances to get out there.

that’s what i’m gonna do.

i’ve started.
and i can see…….the potential is there,
but i get in my way a whole lot.

how cool will it be for me to learn to move myself
out of the way?

and i think i can do that.


i think i can!

can i take it elsewhere after that?
who knows.
but it certainly seems like something worth trying.

if i got no further than that,
i would have achieved a ton.
so um……
what the heck.
outta my way.
i gotta get to practice!