Others' Sighs


Facing a brick wall
I cannot get away from
It bounces ideas
Into space and back
To my brain
With gusto.

Facing a brick wall
I notice the greyness
Even on a sunny day
Pavement and road envelope me
In their hardness
And I thank my body
For its soft curves.

Facing a brick wall
Only the flowers gently
Turn it into something else
Some place to lean
When the rest of the world
Cannot take the strain
Or you find yourself
Bending in two.

Facing a brick wall
I take out spray cans
And make it into an
Expression of myself
A canvas larger than
With my signature
Hidden in the corner.

Facing a brick wall
I take a bulldozer
And knock it down
So growth can take place
With Grass and trees
Where once little smiled
On a sunny day.


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