Others' Sighs

The Sacred and the Profane

She did not have any gray
Surrounding the blue in her eyes
This was before the profane touched her
Riddled her with fear and anxiety
Her lanky body, child-like
She wore her blue leotard and held a
Ballerina pose for all who would watch
This was before her confidence was stripped away
Innocence transcended the sacred without any attempt
Only because it was
She lay her head on the pillow at night
Not scratching at herself
Or feeling as if her heart was beating in her ears
No, because this was all prior to the defilement
She lay in peace
What now seems an unobtainable luxury
A child of beauty lay scorn, waiting for me to take it away
So, I ask the sacred to awaken me to the miraculous
That I may live again in whole, child-like peace

-Stephanie Hankison

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