one more thought…

so there’s one more thought of noah’s
that i’d like to share.

it’s one i’ve been using lately.
and it’s one that helped me out
the other day and totally gave me
the space to just – bam – let go of something
as soon as i asked myself the question
and had the answer.
just like that!

so, figured it’d be a good one to share.

he said he’s gotta figure out a wording for it
that doesn’t sound so snarky.
so be sure to read it in a non-snarky manner.

it’s simply this –
ask yourself why you care?

that’s it.

let me give you an example.
recently, i got upset about something.
it had absolutely NOTHING to do with me,
nor was it something that needed me.
it was entirely about some people around me.

i saw how emotional i got,
and asked myself ‘why?’
and i realized there was absolutely no reason –
but i was certainly hopping in like it was.
and it wasn’t anything that needed nor wanted my help.

IMMEDIATELY i dropped it.
honestly, like a hot potato!
it was the coolest thing ever.

i think the ability to do that has been a work in progress.
so if it’s not immediate for you, don’t worry,
that has just been a lotta practice over here.

another example –
again, with getting upset about something.
i asked myself why i cared.
it took some digging, because sometimes it’s not always
obvious, ya know? and i have to try on different things
to find out what it REALLY is about for me.

sure enough,
i found what was bothering me,
knew why i cared,
was okay with caring as this one affected me,
and could use what i found as a compass to figure
out what to do with it all.

then there’s all kindsa ways this gets you to think
about your thinking! you have to run thru a lotta thoughts
and you have to own what’s true and what’s not.
that always seems like a good thing.

thanking noah for this one!
and toasting that guy once again.

give it a try.
so far i’m loving it.