one heck of a window

it’s quiet in here right now.
i mean,
really really quiet.

ac isn’t the main source of air in my house.
tho i do have a window unit in my office here.
mostly i use the whole house fan which is
right outside my office. (and loud)

or a little fan at my feet.

this morning – tho it is sposed to be killer hot today –
it’s not in here.
it’s just quiet.
nothing is buzzing but the insects.
my window is open.
butterflies are landing on the beautiful orange
flowers right outside that very window.
the hummingbirds haven’t show up for the day,
but i expect them shortly.

it’s so quiet that i heard it calling me.
the life outside my window.

i stopped everything and just looked.
talk about peace.
right there.

right there.
for me.
for us.
all the time.
and yet…
i rarely notice.

but this window of mine.
it’s feeling like a teacher lately.
or the portal to the teacher.
yeah, that’s more it.
cause the teacher is out there.
teaching me to find things in here.
in me.

this morning,
for a moment,
i have.