so i bumped into a thought this morning!
actually, a question that is gonna spark
a lotta thought.

prolly nothing too earth shattering to anyone but me –
but to me it was so darn exciting!

‘can light ever come out of ignorance?’

oh ho ho ho.

i am gonna be thinking a lot about this one today.

here’s the thing tho,
even if i never get anywhere with answering the question –
the question has already offered me a pause.

pause before assuming the offering of light.
pause and reflect on if i know what i’m really offering.
am i operating on assumptions?
are those assumptions actually hindering the light?

maybe i’ll never know.
maybe it’s ultimately impossible to really know.
but i’m pretty darn sure a whole lotta stuff can just
be improved with that pause and that line of questioning.

i can’t tell you how tickled i am with it.
had to share.