i just posted the quote of the day.
and then came over here to write the blog.
and i started to title it the same title
as the quote of the day.

my eyes got big
and i went ‘ohmygosh.’
and then i went back to the site to read the quote.

did it really fit?
ohmygosh yes.

here it is –

“always there when i need you…
forever making me laugh…
pushing me to stretch and opening my
pools of giving ~ you teach me.
and it is in your very presence that i become gratitude.”

and i actually said when i posted it that i originally wrote
this about my kids, but it really fits for all kindsa
different people.

well! here’s one that i hadn’t thought of! how about the
wise one deep inside us?! ohmygosh!

here’s the story –

if i get knocked off balance in certain ways,
my reaction will be to beat myself up.
i know.
not a good one.
and i work hard on not doing that.
but it’s where i turn sometimes.
and i get smack in the middle of it all
before i even know what i’m doing.

so it happened last nite.
i was telling my partner some of the things goin’
on with me and i think it stirred up a lot.
when i rolled over to go to sleep,
i started to tell myself how stupid i was.

i heard myself and had enough awareness to turn
to my partner and tell him that’s where i was going.
he urged me not to and encouraged me to be bigger
than the pull to go there.

that’s good language for me.
it makes sense.

yeah. okay. okay.
dig deep, terri.

so i closed my eyes and imagined my inner crone.
i spent some time visualizing what she’d look like.
that took the focus off the ranting at myself
and had me concentrate elsewhere.

and i asked her for help.

and there she was. right there.
telling me things that made such sense to me,
things that answered my struggle and offered
compassion and empathy.

i fell asleep in the middle of all that.
and i woke up thinking of it all.
really good stuff.
and a place i can count on for help and love.

is she another one of my imaginary friends?
or is she truly the way i can tap into my inner wisdom.

both, i think.

and then i think of this quote about her always being there.
that’s us, you guys!
we have our answers and our strength and our guidance right
inside ourselves!

and who we are is someone to be so incredibly grateful for.
someone to constantly get to know better.
read the quote again.
can you think of yourself as the person the quote’s about?!
i hope so.
cause, gosh, that’s so beautiful.

feeling deeply grateful here.