oh holy nite…

so okay,
yes, i have had birth on my mind.
yes, i have been reminiscing about the birth
of my first born.
yes, i was feeling the holy in it.

and then i heard the song ‘oh holy nite.’

and for the first time ever,
i put it onto all birth.
every birth of every child.

i don’t want to offend anyone as i know the song is important
to a lot of people.
i don’t mean any disrespect.
in fact, quite the opposite,
i mean such amazing respect and awe.
for life.

i thought of all the possibilities when a baby is born.
i thought of the holiness of those newborn eyes.
i thought of the amazing miracle the whole darn birth process is.

and i fell in love with the song in a whole new way.

kinda nice.
and a really nifty birthday present as i remember
the birth of my first born…