offering love

‘and if’

i sat and thought a bit about
MLK day this morning.
and about the whole idea of
offering love.

while a MLK quote should have come to mind,
i gotta laugh –
cause one of my quotes did instead.

sorry martin.
tho, i’m not.
because he is such an inspiration about
being, offering, living love.

and the quote i thought of is about that –

‘and if when it’s all over
and i am asked what i did with my life –
i want to be able to say –
‘i offered love.’

can you imagine when martin was asked.
yeah, i guess he didn’t need to be asked.

to live it so strongly.
i can’t even imagine.
but wow…i can be inspired to try.

toasting MLK today and all he added to this world.
i have three originals up on etsy of this quote.
i’m going to go over right now and pop them on sale
for the day – to honor the holiday, to honor the spirit
of the man this holiday is for.

come on over and check them out.