i found out last nite that a friend of mine
lost her daughter yesterday.

as if that’s not heavy enough,
she has already endured some pretty intense losses.

it felt like an extra hard punch in the gut when i heard.
and i haven’t been able to stop thinking about her.
and wondering how she’s standing up today.
maybe she’s not.
but somehow, i bet she is.

so i started that original offering yesterday, right?
well i sat myself down this morning and said ‘okay, this is therapy
and i need some.’ and i just sat quietly and made this piece.

i put it up on etsy in hopes that someone else who was feeling
like i was might find it and get it.

so much sorrow.
it’s overwhelming sometimes.
and then i think of the gift of being here and how it is a gift.
and how a man i just met at the grocery store said he believes graittude
needs to be seen in actions. isn’t that a gorgeous thought?

so, while i know those who are deeply grieving right now can’t even get
near the concept of gratitude – i know that i can. and i want to put it
into action today, and maybe a little extra for those who can’t just yet.

i’ll be workin’ on this all day.

what a balance living is.

if you’re interested in seeing the piece i put up, you can find it here.