nightmares and honor

this seemed like the perfect thing
to leave us for the weekend –

a nightmare!

some inspiration!

i have this big ol’ huge writing pad
hanging in my bathroom.
i use it to pop up whatever thought
i want to concentrate on for awhile.

the other day i put up a buncha jordan peterson
quotes to kinda keep in mind.

one night, i stood there reading one of them
as i brushed my teeth.

and that very same night i had one heck of
a nightmare. it woke me up all scared.
you know the deal – shaky, breathing hard,
wanting to flip every light on in the house.
so i got myself up, went to the bathroom,
mostly to just kinda get my head awake enough
so that i wouldn’t slip back into the dream.

when i crawled back into bed i told myself –
‘just look at it.’
because, yes, i believe that many times nightmares
carry positive, important messages.
and yet, i find it hard to look at them
because – well – they scared me and i don’t wanna.

but i did.
and i smiled.
and the next morning i gave it all a lotta thought
on my walk and i could not believe how empowering
it really was.

it was a ‘typical’ intruder dream.
but not so typical this time.
there were some specific details that were very different.
and i feel they were backing up for me
EXACTLY what jordan’s quote was saying.
i feel that the knowing way down deep inside me
was telling me ‘yeah…you got this.’

how cool is that?!
‘what’s the darn quote?!?!?’ you ask –
well, i will leave that at the bottom here for you.
with a reminder for you –
maybe i can spare you a nightmare.
maybe i can be the megaphone for your
knowing voice way down deep –
telling you –
‘yeah…you got this.’

let’s walk in honor.
we got this.

“You cannot be protected from the things that frighten you and hurt you, but if you identify with the part of your being that is responsible for transformation, then you are always the equal, or more than the equal of the things that frighten you.” – jordan peterson