nothing like a nightmare, huh?!

thing is,
with my own,
they seem to be bringing
really positive messages.
sometimes it’s just hard to sift thru
and go get those messages.

last night’s was easy.
really obvious for me.
but definitely made an impression
because of the craze of the dream itself.

i think the bottom line could be summed up like this –

if you forget who you are,
if you operate from a place of unknowing –
‘bad’ things happen.

that would prolly sum it up.

if you were to write that in a positive way,
i guess you would say –
to create the life you want, you must remember
who you are and act from that space.

that sounds a lot better,
doesn’t it?!

here’s another little tidbit from the dream –
people can take away your knowing.
or – maybe better –
we allow people to take away our knowing.

and it’s way important not to do that.

this sounds like really basic stuff.
and i think it is.
thing is – i believe it’s really hard to do.
i think small things can make a little chip in us
that we don’t even realize is there,
and once there’s a chip,
if you hit another chipping,
sometimes that’s all it takes to get us spinning.

i think the hard stuff –
the stuff to practice over and over again –
would be how to stop spinning,
how to find center again,
how to WANT to find center again.

that kinda stuff.

and i think my dream was conversing with me
about all of this.

so thought i’d share it with you.
because, i mean,
what the heck…….
maybe it’s something you needed to remember.