this is a tricky time of year for the newsletter. a balancing time. a time to balance my joy and excitement of the holiday season with the heaviness and challenges that are so prevelant right now. a time to remind you guys that bone sighs really make meaningful gifts because i truly believe that and yet, at the same time, try not to sound like some kinda pushy marketer. a time to honor all holidays that are going on now and a time to honor all stages in life that are celebrating the season or coping with the season. as i look out my office window right now, i see the blue and green lights i hung up in my back yard. i put them up to honor a friend who's recovering from a stroke. i look out at those lights shining in the dark and i think of him, the challenges he's facing and all the challenges so many are facing right now. yet the lights - the lights remind me of magic and mystery and hope. lights in the dark. we can be that for each other this season -we can be walking lights for those who could use a bit of hope. and for those of you who can't muster up any flickers of light right now, that's okay. we'll surround you til you can again.

squeezin' your hand,


maybe it's not about the darkness.
and maybe it's not about the light.
maybe it's about the knowing.
the knowing there is sacred always.
even when you can't see it.
maybe it's the knowing that's the holy part.

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wishing everyone a happy hanukkah, merry christmas, and an entire holiday season filled with peace.
may we remember to honor ourselves as we go thru our days...


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