mowing therapy

lawn mowing’s a funny thing.
can’t say there’s ever a time i just really want to run out and mow.
but……seems like that active movement and effort and sweating
does some pretty good things for the spirit.
and the sorting out of thoughts.
and the reminding oneself of things that need to be remembered.

i found myself out there again yesterday evening,
and i found myself pushing and sweating and thinking.

thinking about some things i need to face.

thoughts like ‘well, whining isn’t gonna get you anywhere,
just what exactly do you need to do to get the results you want?” come thru my head.

and the belief that i can do what i need to is right there behind the thought.

THAT right there makes mowing the lawn a very very good thing.

when my sons moved out,
one of my big worries was that i wouldn’t be able to keep up with the big yard.
i had no idea my yard was gonna turn into my place of therapy.

and when i’m all done with a mowing therapy session,
i sit back,
look at the yard i love
the yard that i can indeed take care of,
and i remember that i am stronger than i know.
and that patient plugging away and working at things,
takes care of the bulk of what needs taken care of.