mother’s day coming up…

i have been getting sentimental all week,
thinking about when my guys were boys.

i think one of the coolest gifts i could ever get
has been given to me this week by josh.
just watchin’ a few things goin’ on in his life
where i get to really see him be a man.

wow, huh?!

where you really see it.
and you know your work is done.
and you get to watch something amazing goin’ on.

sure, this stuff goes on with all of them constantly.
it’s just it’s with mother’s day comin’ up and all,
and the particular things that are goin’ on –
well it’s all coming together so beautifully.

last nite i got to watch him and my husband together.
and i just felt like i was given the best gift ever.

a whole lotta times i think of the little boys that i miss.
this week i am over and over again reminded of the men
i get to watch.

it can be such a glorious thing!