had a great conversation with my sons.
about – discipline!
what a cool thing to talk to your ‘kids’ about!

they lead me in discipline all the time.
which is so totally awesome, ya know?

to see these men constantly striving to
make their lives what they want them to be –
and taking the responsibility upon themselves to do just that.
well –
always, always they inspire me.

something one of them said caught my attention.
they were saying that they thought ‘seeing the whole picture’
might be a big part of it all.

how that if you’re working towards big life kinda goals,
then you’re seeing the whole picture and you understand
how the discipline fits in, and it’s not just an inconvenient
thing you gotta do.
not at all.
it becomes an integral part of the process.
it becomes a real positive.

for some reason, that really landed when i heard it.
‘planning’ fit right in there nicely
as did ‘creating your life’ rather than ‘letting life happen to you.’

obviously life is gonna happen to you no matter what.
and obviously you can plan for unhealthy reasons.

not talking about that.
only thinking about all this on the healthy levels of it all.
and on the controls that you actually do have some say in.

people made a lot more sense to me with this in mind as well.
the ones i see who do this,
the ones i see who don’t.
i wonder if that thought makes a difference to anyone else?
thought i’d pop it here in case it does.

seeing the whole picture –
where you want to go, who you want to be, what you want
around you – not just today, but as you go along –
are we keeping that in mind?

i feel like between yesterday and today,
i am reinspired with all of this.
which is such a good feeling to take into a holiday weekend!