memorial day weekend

memorial day weekend
used to just be another holiday weekend.

i really never thought much about the meaning of the day.
and then, as i got older, i paid more attention.

and then, as i got even older, i began to understand more.

toss in a few war movies that i never woulda watched
without this husband of mine,
and i began to feel more.

it’s a huge holiday.
and for me, it feels like there’s too much emptiness around it.
it’s too hollow.

so i wanted to post this at the start of the weekend.
and for the actual holiday on monday,
i want to just be quiet.
i’m not going to post at all.

i have no words to adequately honor the day.
and i’m thinking there’s too many words out there anyway.

so i will be offering silence.
and i will be doing my best to remember, hold, love and honor.